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Takuma Eco is an eco-sustainable thermal insulating material with low environmental impact. The raw materials used for its composition are all inorganic and of natural origins.

Takuma ECO - Applicazioni

A – Heating / Cooling system insulation

B – Rehabilitation and insulation of historic buildings

C – Elimination of thermal bridges, condensation and molds

D – Insulation of parts of buildings

E – Protection and insulation of cisterns and tanks



The best insulation mortar, ideal for reducing the thermal flow between environments at different temperatures, which allows to carry out insulation where it would be impossible to use products in slabs and mattresses.



Anti-mold insulating mortar which, applicable to any type of support, is used to prevent the formation of mold or fungal growth.



TAKUMA ECO is a high-performance thermal insulation mortar, easy to apply, able to prevent the formation of interstitial condensation, considered among the major causes of damage to structures and finishes.



TAKUMA ECO is a flexible product: an optimal solution to face the problems of humidity present in some specific environments.

How to use it

TAKUMA ECO is an insulating mortar supplied in 19 liter buckets, easy to apply and immediately ready for use. It is a single component product that does not require the addition of water and makes it possible to carry out insulation work in “difficult” working conditions.
The high adhesion capacity of the product ensures that its correct application takes place without the need to treat the substrates with primers. Insulation work can be carried out with minimal equipment: trowel and spatula.
The product can also be used with a “spray” system on pipes, valves and flanges.

Simple to apply and ready to use

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